Register for CEED Nature Adventure Summer Camp 

Register for CEED Nature Adventure Summer Camp 

Natural Fabric Dyeing Demonstrated for You

Arts and Crafts, Community Programs, Washington Lodge

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, 2023 AT 12:30 PM – 4 PM

September is textile month and Oksana Danziger and Bernadette Puleo have an amazing day planned.  Bernadette Puleo, a textile and indigo dye artist, will share her tips and expertise in using true indigo plants for dye.  Oksana Danziger, artist and fiber artist, will be demonstrating different methods of eco-printing.  Enjoy the open day and the live indigo and natural dyeing demonstration at CEED!

During the live demonstration, you can expect to see experts showcasing various techniques and methods involved in indigo and natural dyeing. They may demonstrate how to prepare the dye baths, different dyeing techniques, and the effects achieved with different fabrics and materials. The interactive walk through the dye garden provides a hands-on experience and a chance to learn about the wide array of plants that can be used to create natural dyes.

  • 1:00 PM demonstration on eco printing
  • 3:00 PM indigo dyeing with fresh leaves

This event will be a part of Textile NYC Month and supported by NYSCA and Huntington Art Council.

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