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We hope this year’s Northern Bobwhite Quail Project will be even bigger and better than last year with many returning and new participants. The more we get on board for this project, the more likely we will create a sustainable Quail population on Long Island!

For those who are new to the Quail Release Program or who just want a refresher, please view this episode of my TV Show, “Off The Trail with Ranger Powers,” for a nice overview of the Quail Project.

Changes for 2022-2023

The week to incubate quail eggs will be the last week in April, slightly later than before, but after spring break, which is great.
We have added 2 pens to our network and will need Quail Care Volunteers at each pen. Please consider volunteering or spread the word to your class and participants. Quail Care Volunteers will begin the end of May and continue through mid-July.

Ordering Eggs

We are working on ordering the eggs through one vendor, so all participants get the eggs within the same couple of days. They will also all come from the same location, which will make it easier to regulate. This will also make it easier for you since you will be ordering eggs through us.


When you sign up by sending an email to, you’ll receive regular quail mail to keep you up to date on preparing for your little bundles of joy.

We have two Zoom orientation opportunities coming up on November 9th and November 17th . Please try to attend one of these upcoming events, as these are mandatory for participation. Please click on the date to register.

Wednesday November 9, 2022 6-7pm
Thursday November 17, 2022 6-7pm

We also had many requests for regular Zoom meetings so everyone can ask questions and share stories throughout this whole process. These will be happening monthly.

Thank you for choosing to incorporate the Bobwhite Quail Release Project in your programming. Not only are you helping the environment now by reintroducing our native quail into nature, you are also helping future generations learn that all creatures have a role in a healthy ecosystem.

Thank you!

Eric Powers

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