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Register for Spring Camp – April 22-26

Aishling Forest School has spots for 2023-2024!

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The Aishling Forest School is one of CEED’s closest collaborators. We highly recommend this outstanding forest school, which holds its programs on the CEED campus at the Washington Lodge.

Forest Schools nurture the seeds of connection that are in every person from birth: connection to self, others, nature and ancestral skills and knowledge. Our school is based more on the process of learning than it is on the content – more on the how than the what. This means that genuine forest school practice steps boldly out of the shadow and limitation of planned activities and ventures collaboratively into the realms of the unplanned, unexpected, and ultimately unlimited.

Aishling Forest School learners are encouraged to see, feel, taste, smell and hear nature. Outside the confines of four walls, without the distractions of electronic devices and excessive supervision, learners can move, explore and discover at their own pace, connecting to the natural world.

Forest School allows children to enjoy the benefits of an alternative pathway that focuses on:

  • Nature as the greatest teacher and classroom
  • Risky-play and conflict management
  • 100% nature immersion in varying weather
  • Child-led and holistic learning
  • Play, play and more play (underpinned by the latest pediatric neuroscience research)
  • Celebrating each child exactly as they are
  • Creating future Earth stewards
  • Experienced Forest School practitioners

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