Summer Nature Experience for Older Kids, Grades 8-11 – Enroll Now!

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CEED’s Summer Nature Experience has grown in size and popularity every year because it gets children outside exploring nature and sends them home tired, dirty, and in awe of what’s outside. This year, we’ve expanded to five weeks, and we’ve added an Educator in Training (EIT) program for young people in grades 8-11.

The Educator in Training (EIT) program gives young people a chance to dive deeper into nature, and learn cooperation, teamwork, and how to pass on knowledge to others. It was created in answer to parents who said to us, “My child LOVED being at CEED last summer, but now she’s in 8th grade. Isn’t there anything for older kids?!”

To check out the details of the EIT program and enroll, click here.

And if your children are in grades 1-7, be sure to enroll in our Summer Nature Experience as soon as possible. As of May 7, the Week 1 session is filled, and Weeks 2 and 3 are nearly filled. Click here to enroll your child or click here to put your child on the Week 1 waiting list. Join us this summer!

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