Meet a Volunteer – Mike Kaiser

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CEED depends on volunteers for so much, and we’re grateful for their commitment to our mission of connecting people to nature.

One of our first volunteers at the Washington Lodge was Mike Kaiser. His wife, Ann actually volunteered before he did (she is still an active volunteer as well).  Mike came to the Lodge one day several years ago to help Ann out and has been volunteering his time and skills ever since. If we mention that we need to fix a section of floor in the Great Hall West, Mike returns with the wood and tools to get the job done.

Whether it’s removing brush, clearing paths, fixing decks, renovating rooms, spackling walls, you name it – Mike has helped out. He has also been a fabulous leader and role model for our younger volunteers. He embodies the idea that if you want to accomplish a task; sometimes you just dive in and get started. Mike has long been an avid hiker, and also volunteers to build and maintain trails in the Adirondack Mountain Reserve (AMR) in upstate New York.

We would like to thank Mike for his years of dedication and hope he remains part of the team for many more!

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