CEED’s Nature of Science Leaps Into Session Two

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Photo by A. Graziano Photography. Taken pre-COVID-19.

 Food and nature go together.  And most of our clothing, and many other household objects come from nature as well. Session Two of Nature of Science will explore how we make food and our clothing from plants and animals. We will learn:

  1. How is soil made in nature?
  2. How do plants get to our table?
  3. How do chickens lay eggs?
  4. What parts of plants do we eat?
  5. How does the wool from sheep become my sweater?
  6. We have many more questions.

During this five week session, we’ll explore how people survived long ago; find out how they used items in nature for food, shelter, and clothing; visit a working farm; and try out some of the methods of processing food, clothing, and possibly shelter. Join us for a fun time in nature learning about items we use every day!

Learning while doing is the best way to study the world around us!

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