Register for CEED Nature Adventure Summer Camp 

Register for CEED Nature Adventure Summer Camp 

CEED offers high quality, engaging biology and science presentations, workshops, and field trips to get kids interested in nature and the outdoors. Here’s what a couple of teachers said about CEED:

In an application to repeat grant funding for a field trip with CEED:

“We learned about some cool and beautiful animals! Among other animals, we learned about Arthur, a red footed tortoise, Lovey, a collared dove, and Baby, the corn snake. Ranger Eric responded to students’ curious questions with care and thoughtfulness. After the program, students eagerly continued learning by researching the animals and drawing detailed diagrams of them too.

 “We would love to see this program return as a field trip for our students. Our students, whose parents may work two jobs and may have limited time for trips to wildlife programs like at CEED, will be given an opportunity for an unforgettable, up close learning experience. Thank you.”

In a letter of recommendation written as part of a grant application:

“Luckily, we are so fortunate to have an amazing organization like CEED in our community to offer students the opportunity to learn more about the environment and wildlife through their virtual and in-person programs. Ranger Eric was knowledgeable and showed such enthusiasm when describing all the amazing facts about the animals he showed our kindergarten class. It was wonderful to observe my students enjoying this new knowledge. I highly recommend CEED’s education programs.”

Be sure to check out New York State funding for field trips. From the website:

The Connect-Kids-to-Parks Field Trip Grant Program (Connect Kids) is designed to connect students in New York State with nature and history. Each grant provides reimbursement of up to $80 per student (and $160 for Special Education students) for field trips to state and federal parks, forests, historic sites, fish hatcheries and outdoor recreation areas.

The application form is relatively simple. Click button below.

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