I Arranged a Lunar Eclipse Just for You!

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Because I thought you needed a reason to visit CEED, and a chance to be outside at night – my favorite time of day – I arranged for there to be a Lunar Eclipse above the Center and the Washington Lodge beginning at 9:30 p.m. this Sunday night, May 15.

Okay, okay, fine. I didn’t really arrange a Lunar Eclipse. Not even I can affect the motion of the heavenly bodies. But all the rest is true. You need a reason to visit CEED, and the night is my magic time, and there will be an eclipse.

So if you want to see the craziest light show ever, come to CEED on Sunday night at 8:30 p.m. to hear Dave Bush from the Vanderbilt Planetarium explain how sun makes the moon turn red. And then stick around to watch it happen in the skies above CEED. CEED has a big dark backyard, and it’ll be fun to ooh and ahh with friends. Don’t worry, I’m going to make sure the weather is clear, just for you. 

Okay, okay. Fine. I can’t really control the weather, either. But all the rest is true. 

Also, if you come a little early, you can join us for our Open House. After many years during which my buddies and I were the only public allowed at the Washington Lodge, now you are, too. At the Open House, you can talk with the staff, and learn about all of CEED’s programs and plans.

And then, you can watch the Lunar Eclipse I arranged for you … make sure you register below.

Joey Raccoon

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