Forest Bathing and Eco-Mindfulness Walks with Linda Lombardo at CEED


This is the perfect month to to connect back with nature.  There are many different ways we can do that. On our own, we can just take the time to enjoy nature in a way that works for ourselves.  It might be taking a walk in a local preserve, walking along the beach, or maybe just sitting in our backyard on a sunny, crisp fall day.

Two other ways that have become increasingly popular for Long Islanders to connect with nature are forest “bathing” and eco-mindfulness walks.  They seem similar but are quite different.

Forest “Bathing”

Forest bathing is a method developed in Japan called shinrin-yoku in the 1980’s as a way to provide a way to alleviate tech-burnout. It is a method of embracing how our natural world can help improve human health.  In forest bathing, participants follow a structured method of using all five senses to experience nature.

Eco-Mindfulness Walks

Eco-mindfulness is a way to engage with nature through a process of ecotherapy which invites reduced stress, relaxation, and connecting with nature on your own terms. While connecting with nature with these two methods, you not only connect with nature, but also learn a bit about yourself.  We offer both of these at CEED, Center for Environmental Education and Discovery, so we invite you to try both, they are quite addicting.

Whether you experience nature yourself or decide to try out one of these two popular methods, I hope you are able to find a way to connect with nature and provide the opportunity to express gratitude for all our Earth provides.

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