Register for CEED Nature Adventure Summer Camp 

Register for Spring Camp – April 22-26

Saturday, November 18 · 3 – 4:30pm EST

Taking the first steps on the journey to cultivating your own mushrooms can be intimidating, but there is no better companion to start with than Pleurotus ostreatus, the Oyster Mushroom.

Hardy, fast-growing, delicious and prolific, oyster mushrooms are aggressive decomposers of cellulose and excellent recyclers of paper, fabric and wastewood.

This workshop will introduce participants to the cultivation of oyster mushrooms on pasteurized straw and untreated logs and will include information on spawn shopping and preparation, different methods of pasteurization, inoculation practices, monitoring of colonization, and methods to induce fruiting.

Participants will prepare and take home a 5-gallon ‘oyster tower’ and an inoculated ‘totem’ log to be fruited at home. All materials for cultivating your own mushrooms at home are included in the registration cost, there are no additional fees.

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