Outdoor-Based Science and Biology Programming.

Are you looking for science and nature classes that will provide hands-on experiences to help your child succeed this school year? CEED is launching an innovative program for your child called the Nature of Science, where your child will be immersed in a unique inquiry-based learning environment. Each five-week session will be aligned with the foundations required for your child to learn science, English, language arts, mathematics, and sometimes social studies.  Developed and taught by two experienced educators, with curriculum developed under the guidance of scientists and experts in the field of education, Nature of Science will provide your child with an exceptional educational experience. 

Think like a scientist.

Your child will learn through authentic scientific projects and activities with our esteemed educators Fanny Kleisler and Julia Todorov. Fanny and Julia will take your child on an interactive journey to explore and discover….

  • the natural world up close
  • how animals, plants, and humans interact within different ecosystems.
  • life cycles and life’s processes
  • different ways to appreciate and conserve our precious resources and thriving ecosystems, and more!

With the opportunity to think like a scientist, investigate and appreciate nature, learn what it takes to be a good steward for the environment and give back to nature through conservation projects, your child will be better prepared to understand our fragile planet.



Grades 1-3: Wednesdays from 10:30am-12:30pm
Grades 4-6: Wednesdays from 1:30pm-3:30pm

Cost: $250 per student for the five-week session.

Some of the workshops will be at CEED’s Washington Lodge location, while others may be onsite at the bay or local stream. Group size is limited to 15 children, so we anticipate these sections will fill quickly.  We will maintain a waiting list and might add sections if there is sufficient interest.

Meet Your Teachers.

Fanny Kleisler

Fanny Kleisler is a naturalist, outdoor educator, nature camp counselor, and middle school teacher. As an “indoor” kid, she came to appreciate and enjoy nature as an adult when finishing her undergraduate degree at Cornell, taking in breath-taking views of Buttermilk Falls and Ithaca’s gorges. In 1995, Fanny and her husband Matthew launched Inner Works to help children learn about time management, using Creative Calendar®, an innovative tool Fanny invented. Her newly discovered love of teaching, and inspiring children led her to join Nassau BOCES Outdoor & Environmental Education department as a Part-time Naturalist. She led over 600 field trips facilitating the love of nature at the seashore, pond & marsh, forest, and barrier beach.

Since 2012, Fanny has been embraced by the Point O’Woods community on Fire Island as their nature camp instructor and nature center supervisor. She has also gained a Master of Education degree, and taught middle school Math and Science. CEED is excited to have Fanny as part of our team because she’s a kid at heart who fuels excitement in her students by discovering nature alongside them.

“When I get excited about nature, they do too!”

Julia Todorov

Julia Todorov is a Biologist and Educator with years of experience teaching kids of all ages about the natural environment. From forest walks to reef snorkeling, Julia has led children and college students on observational and inquiring journeys where they learn while having fun and enjoying the outdoors.

Julia grew up in on a farm in Central Brazil, swimming in rivers, watching wildlife. Long walks, climbing mango trees for the ripest fruit and drinking water from natural springs taught Julia to appreciate and enjoy Nature.

After acquiring a Masters in Marine Environmental Science from Stony Brook University and working in a laboratory setting, Julia realized it was her work as an educator that excited her most, and she now is finishing a Master of Teaching degree at Stony Brook.

As a mother of three, Julia understands the challenge of getting children outside in our world of electronic devices. CEED welcomes Julia to our educational team, and we greatly value her ability to make nature and science education engaging and rewarding!

Enhance your school year experience.