Register for CEED Nature Adventure Summer Camp 

Register for CEED Nature Adventure Summer Camp 

A Spring Break Adventure

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Get ready for a unique Spring Break!! Half farm, half nature but 100% fun.  We’re planning to get your children outside from 9am-3:30pm during Spring Break week, March 29-April 2. In cooperation with the organic farm next door, CEED has created Spring Farm & Nature Experience, an outdoor learning and playing adventure for children in grades 1-7 that they will remember forever. 

In addition to two outstanding human educators, your students will also learn from our other amazing educators:

The chickens.

How does a chicken make an egg? How does an egg make a chicken? Meet some actual chickens and ask them!

The bean seeds.

What makes a bean seed begin to grow? What does it need to grow six feet tall? Ask the bean seeds!

The skunk cabbage.

What are those first green shoots in wetlands? How do they generate their own heat? Ask the skunk cabbage!

The salamander.

Why are some animals in such a hurry in the spring? What wakes them up? Ask the salamander!

CEED nature experiences for kids are outdoors as much as possible. Expect them to come home tired and dirty, and talking nonstop about their day’s adventure.  

For more information, email Register Today!

CEED follows all applicable COVID protocols.

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