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Did your child love the experience at CEED’s Summer Nature Experience or other nature camps? Here is an opportunity for your 8th through 11th grader to take this experience to the next level.  CEED is launching an Educator in Training (EIT) Leadership program, where part of it is fun with friends, and the other part is putting together activities and experiences for our younger nature enthusiasts. The program is either a 2-week program at CEED and at Mama Farm, the organic farm next door, from August 2-August 13, 3-week program at Post Morrow Foundation from July 12- July 30, or register for all 5 weeks of leadership fun from July 12- August 13!

At Post Morrow CEED’s EITs will be team building, exploring, and learning, whether seining in the bay, studying the Beaverdam Creek ecosystem, or identifying trees on our nature trails for part of the time. They will also be leading CEED’s younger participants on hikes, performing science activities, and explorations of the marine environment and more. At Mama Farm and CEED, the EITs will be working with farming and livestock and also exploring nature in the Dennis Puleston Preserve and CEED grounds. When they are ready, the EITs will share their knowledge with the younger groups.

The sessions will run from 8:45-3:45 Monday through Friday and cost $300 per week (although participants must make the full 2-week or 3-week commitment.) All participants will receive an Educator in Training / Leadership certificate.  This is a great way to gain experience in leadership for future careers in science or education.

Also, don’t forget to register your younger children in the Summer Nature Experience! We only have a few openings left each week, so if you wait you will miss out!  For weeks one through three we will be at Post Morrow exploring the bay, the creek, and the woodlands.  Weeks four and five we will spend half of the day at the farm and the other half at CEED.  Every day is a new adventure!

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