Register for CEED Nature Adventure Summer Camp 

Register for CEED Nature Adventure Summer Camp 

Live Animals, Nature & Science… Online Education with Ranger Eric!

May 20, 2020

The Center for Environmental Education & Discovery (CEED) has revamped its unique nature presentations to meet the need for high-quality online programming. CEED is now offering live online formats for schools and libraries and virtual field trips to keep nature and science connections alive. Using Google Meet or Zoom Pro video conferencing platforms, classrooms and other groups will meet in real time to identify phenomena found in our natural world. Biologist Ranger Eric, with 30 years experience helping students love nature, creates a lively online experience where children meet animal ambassadors and explore the nature of science by creating models and making connections.

Librarians – keep patrons connected and keep the library mission alive while doors are closed

Teachers – keep students engaged and enriched, helping prevent excessive summer slide

Parents – spread this news to librarians and teachers to foster more effective learning at home, or take the plunge yourself and add educational pizazz to your children’s at home schooling

Business Leaders – sponsor a virtual program as a way to help strengthen your local community

Virtual Program Pricing
Please call or email to discuss what fits in your budget. Packages are available with reduced rates.
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Choose from 7 Unique & Engaging Themes
Presentations, Workshops, Virtual Field Trips
LIVE Animal Show: Wildlife Diversity
Learn remotely from Ranger Eric as he introduces his Animal Ambassadors. Discover where in the world they come from, special adaptations and more! Meet exotic bugs, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals! 
Bobwhite Quail vs Ticks Study
Learn about the connection between the once common Northern Bobwhite Quail’s habitat loss and predation by cats, and the dramatic increase in ticks found on Long Island. Schools, libraries, scouts, towns and volunteers are collaborating to naturally control ticks by hatching quail eggs and releasing the birds into the wild! 
Traveling Rainforest Museum
Join us to discover the phenomena of the rainforest and its unique ecosystem through photos, live animals, videos and remarkable stories from our very own world-traveling Biologist, Ranger Eric!
What Makes A Mammal A Mammal?
Mammals are a diverse and fascinating group of animals, ranging in size from the smallest shrew to the Blue Whale. We look into locomotion, body structure, biology, and more, with special appearances from live mammals!
The World of Birds
Special guests include live birds that join the presentation to emphasize various adaptations of our feathered friends. A detailed PowerPoint guides the adventure and provides close-up views, videos and photos from around the world.
Building Food Webs at the Pond
Following the flow of energy from plants to animals, we also discover how humans get energy to fuel our daily lives. In addition to a mix of live animal ambassadors, video clips, and photos, during the presentation we bring in a bucket of actual pond water to see what critters we can catch, live on camera!
Conservation Projects & Citizen Science
 In light of our school closures and at-home learning, this mini-course is designed for fun science and nature discovery from the convenience of your backyard or local nature area. There is so much that kids can do outside to learn about nature, help your local plants and animals, and even contribute data to Citizen Science Projects like a real scientist! 
Led by Wildlife Biologist and naturalist, Ranger Eric Powers
  • Meet & greet live animals
  • Interactive presentations, activities and learning that is fun!
  • Learn about our local ecosystem through cool science experiments
  • Take the ideas outside after class
  • 33 Years experience from a Wildlife Biologist
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