Register for CEED Nature Adventure Summer Camp 

Register for CEED Nature Adventure Summer Camp 

Saturday, September 7, 2024, from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Join Ranger Eric for the 9th of 10 adventures on survival. The ninth workshop in the survival series is about fire making with sparks.

Elevate your fire-making prowess with our Spark-Based Fire Making Workshop, a captivating journey into the art of igniting flames with a flicker and a spark! Venture beyond traditional methods and discover the thrilling efficiency of modern fire craft. This workshop focuses on spark-based techniques, where you’ll learn to skillfully use tools like ferro rods and flint to create a blaze in mere moments. Perfect for those who’ve experienced the friction-based method or newcomers alike, this session offers a dynamic, hands-on approach to learning one of humanity’s most definitive survival skills. 

Be prepared for the elements with proper layers, footwear, gloves, and a hand towel. In the case of rain, there will not be an indoor option. 

Minimum age- 15 years old (Children under the age of 18 years old must be accompanied by an adult.)

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