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Washington Lodge Open House – Sunday, May 15 – 6:00 p.m.

Hey friends of CEED, it’s me Owl-Bert. You may remember that last fall, I asked you to help fix up the Washington Lodge so CEED can do public programs and classes and all kinds of interesting events.

Well, it’s happening!

It can’t be a coincidence that last week, some of my owl friends were watching over an adorable owlet in the woods right near the Lodge. It’s a celebration of life!

And I know that Joey Raccoon is disappointed that the holes he and his pals made in the ceiling of Great Hall West have all been patched up and painted and all that, but tough luck for him. It’s time to move forward.

So I’m officially inviting you to an Open House on Sunday, May 15 to get a first look at the newly renovated Great Hall West of the Washington Lodge. There may be a few details like the trim on our new windows that aren’t quite finished, but CEED is pushing ahead.

And here’s the part that’s really impressive. This first public program inside the Washington Lodge is so momentous that CEED has planned a lunar eclipse to coincide with it. You have no idea how many phone calls to NASA it took to pull that off. More proof that the people at CEED are all about getting things done.

So on Sunday, May 15, CEED will open the doors at 6:00 for anyone who wants to visit and see all the work that has been done. And then, at 8:30, the Eclipse program, hosted by Dave Bush of the Vanderbilt Planetarium will follow. The eclipse itself starts at 9:30 … right on schedule.

No registration necessary for the Open House. Just drop in any time from 6:00-8:30 p.m.


Who-Bert the Great Horned Owl

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