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Frodo Won’t Say Ribbit Ribbit

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I guess I’m the last one to tell his Saga for Giving Tuesday. My name is Frodo, and as you may have guessed from my photo, I’m a bullfrog. I’ve been one of Ranger Eric’s Animal Ambassadors for more than 10 years, if you can believe it!

But no one is quite sure how old I am, because I lived with someone else for a long time before that. My original owner was going to let me go in a local pond, but Ranger Eric advised against that. It’s always a bad idea to let pets go. First of all, we’re used to being fed, and don’t do well getting our own food. And also, we might have bacteria, fungi, or parasites that would do a number on our wild relatives.

So Ranger Eric took me, and I’ve been following him around ever since. And now, we’re at CEED.

I like it here, and I’m happy to be one of CEED’s Animal Ambassadors, so I’ll cut to the chase. People think I say “Ribbit! Ribbit!” But I don’t. I say “Givit! Givit!” That’s right, I say “Givit, Givit on Giving Tuesday,” and Givit to CEED.

I’ve been around longer than most of CEED’s Animal Ambassadors. And I’ve been around longer than most wild animals as well. I’ve seen things, and I know things, and I know CEED is worth supporting.

So Givit! Givit!

Support all of CEED’s educational and discovery programs that connect people to nature by making a Giving Tuesday gift right now. A CEED Board member has offered to match any gifts made to CEED (up to $2,500), so your gift will go twice as far.

The Matching Challenge ends at Midnight, so Givit now!

You’ll help provide a home for me and my new Animal Ambassador friends, and even more importantly, you’ll connect people to nature so they will care about the environment, and wild animals can thrive.

Thank you!

Frodo the Bullfrog

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