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50th Earth Day Free Nature Books for Young Explorers

Apr 24, 2020

In our ongoing commemoration of the 50th Earth Day, we wanted to offer our friends two wonderful nature books to reach with children.  These books, written by friends of CEED Board members, are being offered free for young Nature Explorers. 

Click here for free download of a packet of bi-lingual books featuring The Adventures of Pili in New York (Las Aventuras de Pili en Nueva York), by Kike Calvo. Includes Pili’s adventures, and an activity book and coloring book about birds of Columbia. 

Click here for free download of Albatross of Kaua’i, The Story of Kaloakulua, a wonderful story by Susan Dierker about an albatross chick in Hawaii. 

The Adventures of Pili in New York (Las Aventuras de Pili en Nueva York) includes a foreword from our friend, Long Island based author, Carl Safina:

“A little girl travels the world. Her Dad is a photographer. So though she is small – her life is big, encompassing everything from New York City to Colombia’s wild rainforest. 

“By observing and listening, by thinking and by feeling – and probably because she has inherited a bit of her father’s special ability to really see things – little Pili comes to care about nature, about people who speak other languages, and about peace.

“Pili imagines a peaceful place in the world for children. Her plan: it will be a forest reserve, and it will be in Colombia. This is not an easy goal for a little girl to accomplish. But Pili is determined; somehow, she will get this done!

“Now, the thing is, this book isn’t too far from the real truth. Pili is a real girl, and her Dad is the author of this book. And the forest – they’re making progress.” 

“The children of the world – and little girls in particular – can use a few positive messages that will inspire them to aspire. This book has many messages, tucked into a sweet, beautifully illustrated near-to-life narrative like little folded love-notes.”  ~ Carl Safina, Author, Beyond Words: What Animals Think and Feel. Founder of The Safina Center

The author, Kike Calvo, is a Safina Center Fellow and National Geographic Explorer. Kike has been distributing hard copies of The Adventures of Pili in New York free to children in Latin America, Africa, and as far away as Mongolia. Now, in response to the current COVID-19 situation, he has made digital copies available to all. The download package also includes an activity book and a coloring book that will entertain young explorers while introducing them to the beautiful birds of Colombia. 

– Patricia Paladines
CEED Board Member

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