A wise Giving Tuesday message from Hubert the Great horned Owl

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Dear Friend of CEED,

You know owls are renowned for wisdom … or at least for looking wise … so you might want to read this Giving Tuesday message, from me, Hubert the Great horned owl. I live in the forest next to CEED and the Washington Lodge.

I won’t take much of your time. I just want to give my opinion that you should include CEED in your Giving Tuesday. Giving Tuesday is a chance to join people all over the world in supporting causes you believe in. That’s very wise. And giving to CEED is a wise way to share the good things in your life with nature and with your community.

CEED is doing so much to help us out. Many people really like CEED’s Owl Prowls, for example. They get people out into the woods at night, where they learn about what we need to survive and what we are saying to each other. They also learn there’s nothing to fear about our wildlife on Long Island.

Also, our pal Ranger Eric is teaching people to build owl boxes and other homes for us. I’m sure there will be more conversation in the owl community in the future thanks to Ranger Eric and the CEED crew.

CEED is all about connecting people to nature, for their own health, and so they will love and preserve all the plants and animals of our Long Island home. Pretty wise if you ask me … and everyone asks me.

And I heard that CEED Board members are offering to match any donation you make. That means your gift will go twice as far to help CEED conserve my habitat and create a community resource for nature.

Besides, I like having the Washington Lodge to perch on when I want to hoot a looong way. Please help them rebuild that Lodge so it’s always there for me.

Hubert the Great horned owl

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