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Interactive Virtual Nature & Science Presentations from CEED

Apr 7, 2020

At a time when so much of student education has moved online almost overnight, there is an urgent need for high-quality online programming, and the Center for Environmental Education & Discovery (CEED) has revamped its unique nature presentations to meet that need. CEED is now offering live online formats for schools and libraries and virtual field trips to keep nature and science connections active. Using Google Meets or Zoom Pro video conferencing platforms, classrooms and other groups will meet in real time to identify phenomena found in our natural world, meet live animals and explore the nature of science by creating models and making connections.

Led by experienced Wildlife Biologist and naturalist, Ranger Eric Powers, all programs include interactive Q & A, and whenever possible, incorporate cross-cutting concepts that link to Math and English Language Acquisition (ELA) core curricula and to the New York State Science Learning Standards (NYSSLS). School programs are available for grade levels 3 through 12, in addition to community programs designed for adults, teens or families, as well as a newly designed “Mini-Professional Development” for teachers and home-schoolers who want to learn to safely engage students outside in a meaningful way.

While many of CEED’s programs can be customized or modified as virtual to fit a school or organization’s needs, programs ready for immediate virtual engagement include:

LIVE Animal Show: Wildlife Diversity

Learn remotely from Ranger Eric as he introduces his Animal Ambassadors. Discover where in the world they come from, special adaptations to help them survive, as well as their own individual stories of how they came to live at CEED.

Traveling Rainforest Museum

Ranger Eric has been to rainforests around the world, conducted research and community conservation projects, learned from Indigenous Cultures, and observed amazing jungle animals. Join us to discover the rainforest using photos and live footage with our very own Biologist!


Bobwhite Quail vs Ticks Study

Yes, the Quail vs Ticks Study will continue this year! We still have libraries, teachers at home, Scout troops, and individuals participating and incubating eggs. Our new online presentation ties together your involvement with the greater Quail vs Ticks Study we are conducting across Long Island to naturally control ticks. Quail Journal is included!

Mini-Professional Development: SAFE LESSONS FOR OUTDOOR KIDS

In light of our school closures and at-home learning, this Mini-PD is designed for teachers/educators/home schoolers to teach science and nature discovery from the convenience of your backyard or local nature area. There is so much that students can do outside that include STEAM activities, nature discovery, and even participation in Community Conservation Projects!

CEED programs will be available online to the public soon as well. CEED virtual programs keep education, nature connection and social interaction lively and engaging, and at the same time help CEED keep going during these difficult and unprecedented times. Schools, libraries, and other organizations can set up their virtual presentations today by calling 631.803.6780 or by email to Ranger Eric at or

CEED is a non-profit nature center that inspires connection to the joys of nature through education & experience that restores our balance for a healthier community. We are a BOCES-listed vendor that provides hands-on environmental educational programs for dozens of school districts, libraries, community organizations and to the general public across Long Island and in NYC. For more information, please visit our website at

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