Sally Moves to Full-Time Executive Director at CEED!

Nature Center, Our Team

As Chair of the Board of Directors of CEED, I’m happy to announce that Sally Wellinger, our part-time Executive Director, will expand her role to full-time as of tomorrow, July 1.

In the spring of 2020, the Board planned to hire a full-time executive director to lead CEED in a new phase of program development and renovation of the Washington Lodge. Those plans were disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, but through the dedication and creativity of our staff, the Board, and our many wonderful volunteers, CEED weathered the storm, and we can now return to the original plan for a full-time professional executive director.

Sally has done a remarkable job in her first year with CEED, despite her part-time status, and the Board is excited to see progress in so many areas – from virtual programming for schools to expanded spring and summer in-person nature experiences for children. Her dedication to the mission and vision of CEED is amazing.

Please join me in congratulating Sally. And please continue to support her and CEED in whatever ways you can as we work to become a community resource for environmental education and nature discovery in our region. Thank you!

– Tom Pelletier, Board Chair

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