The Repurposing Begins!

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Saturday, August 14 was a super-hot day, but five determined volunteers arrived at CEED for Conservation/Volunteer Day, ready to help begin the process of repurposing the Washington Lodge’s historic swimming pool, one of the largest outdoor swimming pools ever built in this country. The pool is now covered in plants and trees, but we hope to reuse it to create a rain garden bird habitat, with an accessible walkway for viewing.  And possibly use the main part of the pool as an outdoor classroom and gathering area. Lots of possibilities!
Despite the heat, we made major progress on Saturday.  We still need to remove some dead trees, and do more clearing, but we’ll get there. We also cleared some of the old cement paths that crisscross the property. Thanks to all who pitched in, and to all who show up on our monthly Conservation/Volunteer Day (the second Saturday)!  We’re always so grateful for your help.
– Ranger Eric Powers

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