Wave Makers at CEED – Free Registration!

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Thanks to a generous donation, enrollment in Wave Makers is now free for children ages 10-16! We’re so excited to be able to offer this innovative program to all, with no fees.

CEED’s Wave Makers is a two-hour program every Saturday from 10 a.m. to noon. It’s an opportunity for your child to learn critical citizenship tools so they can develop their potential to be a Wave Maker, a problem solver who makes a difference in the world. Through curiosity- and goal-driven exploration they’ll learn about the water bodies and water quality of Brookhaven hamlet and Bellport. They’ll practice collaboration, teamwork, and leadership as they plan and carry out investigations to gain data. With the data they generate, they’ll develop explanations, and build communication skills through advocacy with the community, local politicians, scientists, and interested organizations.

They will develop a personal toolkit for creating positive change in the world, and strengthen their own future at the same time. Wave Makers:

  • Is for children looking for something new and exciting to do outdoors.
  • Is a unique opportunity for a young person to engage with the wider world.
  • Helps your child develop tools that empower them to make changes for a better planet. 
  • Furthers their personal goals with new skills and experience.

Please spread the word that Wave Makers is now open to all with no fees.

And register your child today to be a part of Wave Makers. Although the program is free, enrollment is still required.

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