How Your Children Grow as Wave Makers

Nature Center, Wave Makers

Our unique Wave Makers program for young people 10-16 gives them opportunities that expand their worldview, and help them grow and develop into inquisitive, thinking young adults of purpose and action. It helps them become part of a new generation of leaders and world-changers.

Last week, the Wave Makers went on a seal cruise with our good friends at the Atlantic Marine Conservation Society (AMSEAS). On a sandbar in Shinnecock Bay, we saw a large harem of harbor seals and using binoculars, the Wave Makers got a great look at these remarkable marine mammals. One Wave Maker spent her time sketching seals and making behavioral diagrams in her notebook. Another probed the AMSEAS experts for details about seals and their lives in the wild. 

Two weeks ago, the Wave Makers went to Hallock State Park Preserve in Riverhead to help clean a beach. Treating it as a scavenger hunt, the Wave Makers spent time looking through seaweed, sand piles, and sticks, taking time along the way to jump around and have fun. At the end of the day, they helped protect marine life from 10 pounds of trash! 

Every Saturday, our Wave Makers go on experiential adventures like this that stretch their minds and give them the confidence to explore and influence the world around them.

Enrollment in Wave Makers is ongoing. Join us today.

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