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Register for CEED Nature Adventure Summer Camp 

Wavemakers Build a Canoe

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It’s exciting to see the Peace Canoe being built by our Wavemakers taking shape.  The young people are working with volunteers at Carmans River Maritime Center (CRMC)to build the 18-foot-long canoe for use in CEED’s on-the-water environmental programs.  CRMC President Hank Maust is enjoying this project.  “This is an exciting first ‘joint venture’ between our two organizations, and the kids are putting a lot of energy into the project.”

We treasure our special partnerships with community organizations like CRMC.  The way Hank and the team at the CRMC have welcomed our Wavemakers is priceless.  One of our goals with the Wavemakers program is to provide opportunities to become active in the community.  Seeing our children learn from master boatbuilders and realize the importance of hard work, dedication, and precision is rewarding.

The kids are truly embracing this opportunity and look forward to testing the canoe in the water. And CEED is looking forward to having this special vessel as part of our nature connection equipment!

Sally Wellinger, Executive Director

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