Hands-on nature experience.

The natural world, science and conservation projects come to life as students think critically about wildlife and environmental issues and create solutions. Projects are always hands-on and can include a simple wildlife-friendly school garden for year-round learning, or expand into the community for larger conservation projects. Workshops are most effective with smaller groups, but can be scaled up and presented during multiple class periods or school days to accommodate larger student groups or entire grades.

Workshop topics include:

Food Webs
What Makes a Mammal a Mammal?
Sensory Awareness
Animal Care & First Aid
Birds, Birding & Bird Brains
Camping Basics
Bird Houses
Wildlife Tracking
Bat Biology & Bat Houses
Native Bees
Pollinator Gardens
Rocks, Gems & Fossils
Bugs as Pets
Reptiles & Amphibians

…and so much more!

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