Conservation meets the classroom.

Offered in conjunction with the ground-breaking Bobwhite Quail vs. Tick Project created and led by Ranger Eric Powers for more than 15 years, this unique school program integrates biology, animal husbandry, conservation and appreciation of wildlife. School participation in this program benefits both people and the environment, while also meeting school science curriculum requirements. Students incubate Northern Bobwhite Quail eggs and then donate the 1-2 week old quail chicks to CEED. Our volunteers raise the quail for another month or so in our outdoor flight cages until they are ready for release into the wild. Repopulating our native quail on Long Island is critical to restoring balance to our Long Island ecosystem. These ground-feeding birds, which have been largely reduced in numbers due to feral cats, are our first line of defense against rampant tick populations and tick-borne disease.

We guide schools to the resources needed to get a quail program started, provide in-class workshops and the opportunity for teachers and students to release their raised quail into the wild. See below for the details on this year’s Public Quail Release.

Watch the video below or visit our Conservation page for additional information on this remarkable project.

Please consider participating in this “real world” science and conservation project, joining the thousands who have come before you.  Together we will make a positive change for our community and give Mother Nature a helping hand at balancing our ecosystem!

“It adds so much to our classroom curriculum, and entices the students to learn about all aspects of the Quail, our environment, and our impact…good or bad…that we have on our environment.  No matter what, I’m IN again for next year!”

– Robin Obey, 2nd Grade Teacher

Download our Quail vs Tick Project flyer for details on what you need to get started with your own Bobwhite Quail program, including permit, supplies and project timeline.

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