Our Vision

CEED’s vision is to be a community resource for connecting to and experiencing the joys of nature in a way that restores balance and harmony in our lives so we become stewards of the earth. This vision aims to:

  • Give public purpose and functionality to 60+ acres of land entrusted to us by the Town of Brookhaven and Suffolk County, while working to restore and preserve this precious resource.
  • Renovate the historic Washington Lodge, bringing it to life as a center of learning, art, collaboration and community spirit centered on a love and respect for nature.
  • Educate and inspire people of all ages to care about the environment and protect the fragile ecosystems of our local community, including our bays and oceans, as well as Long Island and the world at large.

To advance toward our vision, we have several short-term and long-term goals.
We welcome everyone in our community to help. Please contact us.

CEED’s Short-Term Goals

• To bring nature education and experience into the lives of more children in our region, we are expanding our school programming.  Please click here for more information.

• To offer exciting and innovative nature experiences, we are developing community programs for adults and children that get people outside and learning about nature.  These include nature walks and hikes, forest foraging workshops, storytelling by campfire, birding, nature interpretation, and seasonal festivals. For more information, see our calendar.

• To get kids away from digital screens and immersed in the outdoors, we are expanding our camp programs

• To make nature experiences and education accessible to more people and foster environmental justice, we are reaching out to underserved communities in our area and identifying sponsors for environmental programming.

• To share our resources and create opportunities for collaboration and a wide range of compatible community programming, we are partnering with organizations such as the Aishling Forest School and Long Island Forest Walks.

• To increase access to the benefits of the land entrusted to us, we are building trails and interpretive stations, outdoor children’s nature areas, benches, and native and medicinal gardens.  To volunteer for trail building and site maintenance, call (631) 803-6780 or email info@ceedli.org.

• Donate today to support this critical project or call 631.803.6780 for a tour or more information. We are so thankful for our talented and generous renovation partners, Stephani Heating and Knowles Architecture, for their invaluable support and donation of time and expertise, without which we would have never come this far.

• To teach about animals and encourage nature connection, we are creating humane live animal exhibits. Volunteers add an important part of animal care by socializing and handling our Animal Ambassadors.

• To expand knowledge and give tribute to the community’s local history, we are creating an exhibit that chronicles more than 150 years of the Washington Lodge estate, along with the environmental history of Brookhaven Hamlet.

• To provide opportunities for hands-on conservation, we are working to raise and release Bobwhite Quail, encourage people to build and install bat boxes, replant American Chestnut trees, and complete other community conservation projects that provide care for the natural world around us.

CEED’s Long-Term Goals

Our long-term goals will help make full use of our open space and forested land, the Washington Lodge building, and the potential of our Program Partners.

• To offer a place where kids can explore and learn about the ecosystem and wildlife of ponds, we hope to create a frog and turtle pond out of the old swimming pool on the property.

• To foster nature-inspired and environmental arts we hope to create a dedicated art studio on the first floor of the Washington Lodge.

• To help people learn to eat and live in a healthy and sustainable way we hope to create a teaching kitchen and herbalist room for preparation of organic and foraged food, herbs and plant-based medicinals.

• To spread knowledge of sustainable technologies we hope to demonstrate the use of green technologies such as geothermal heating, solar energy and composting toilets.

• To provide an affordable home to like-minded organizations and encourage a collaborative green think-tank, we hope to develop a portion of the second floor of the Washington Lodge into a shareable office space for partner organizations that have compatible missions.

• To provide a valuable resource to the scholarly works of Long Island-based naturalists, environmental trailblazers, scholars and activists, we hope to establish an environmental library on the second floor of the Washington Lodge, dedicated to local environmental legend, Dennis Puleston.

• To increase our ability to offer deeper nature experiences, we hope to develop the third floor of the Washington Lodge into a Nature Retreat Center, offering 1-3 day programs with overnight accommodations on topics such as Bee-keeping, Cooking with Nature, Organic Gardening, Wilderness Survival, and Sustainable Living.

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