Register for CEED Nature Adventure Summer Camp 

Register for CEED Nature Adventure Summer Camp 

Summer Camp Registration

Time is running out. Register your children for CEED’s famous outdoor Summer Nature Adventure camp. Full and half-day. Leadership Program for older kids.  

Nature Classes and Workshops

Learn about specific topics of nature and science:  birding, mushroom foraging, astronomy, turtles, and more.

Sculpture on the Trail

Our third annual Sculpture on the Trail.  More sculptors and poets than ever are creating new works that connect art and nature.  August 17!

Seasonal Family Festivals

Stay tuned for information on our Fall Festival on September 21! 

Art and Craft Programs

We regularly schedule programs that combine art and nature.  Check back for the latest.

Nature Survival Class Series

Learn to survive using nature’s bounty and your own skills. Next up, how to make rope!

Wellness in Nature

When we connect to nature, we can improve our emotional and physical wellness.

School Programs

Reserve your Spring Programs now to solidify your plan.  Email for more info.

Raising Quail for Release

Raising quail in classrooms and libraries is better than raising chicks … and you can help rebuild Long Island’s quail population! Contact us about including quail in your classroom.

Calling All Gardeners!

CEED’s mission is to connect people to nature, and gardening is a wonderful means to that end. To put this into action, we have established a Garden Club where volunteers can help plant several garden beds that will each have a different purpose and function

Learn to Connect

The Center for Environmental Education & Discovery, or CEED’s  mission is to connect our community to nature and science with creative use of discovery, art and education. CEED serves children, youth and adults through public nature programs and events, school and community-based environmental education, conservation projects, live animal ambassadors and more!

Healing With Nature

Healing With Nature

Sunday, September 1, 2024, from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM Find the healing you need in nature.  Forest Therapy is a research-based framework for supporting healing and wellness through immersion in a forest or other natural environment. Sound Healing is the practice of using...