wave makers 2022

Water is everywhere.

In oceans, rivers, lakes, marshes, streams, even in our own bodies. But across the world, and on Long Island, water is threatened, through pollution, runoff, climate change, development, and more. But we can stem the tide! Become a Wave Maker with CEED and learn how to enact change in your community.

Designed for ages 10-16, participants will meet once a week to develop curiosity driven science experiments and use this data to effectively communicate science and policy to society at large. Together we can make a difference for our world and our water! 


Every Saturday
10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.


All in the Town of Brookhaven, mostly in Brookhaven Hamlet- Bellport Area.

Homebase at CEED.


Available for Children ages 10-16

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Wave Makers Invites Your Child

Wave Makers Invites Your Child

Thanks to a generous donation, our innovative Wave Makers program is now open to all children age 10-16, without cost. We invite your child to join us and experience adventure and the thrill of learning how to change the world.

Anyone can volunteer. Even you!