Family Astronomy and Owl Prowl Evening

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Did you know that generally clearer skies make the cooler months the best times to view the night sky?  Join CEED on December 10th for a Family Owl Prowl Astronomy Night to see our view of the Universe from Earth.  We are fortunate to have our friends and experts from Vanderbilt Planetarium travel down to the South Shore for these amazing opportunities.

The fall is the perfect month to view Saturn and Jupiter, two of our large unique gaseous planets.  We might also have the opportunity to observe the Pleiades star cluster and some of the Leoinids meteor shower, along with several constellations.

We have double packed the night by adding our popular Owl Prowl led by our own Eric Powers.  He is the best of the best with owl calls and last prowl was able to call an Eastern Screech Owl.  We also have a family of Great Horned owls on the CEED property.  If the native wild owls choose to hide, that is okay, because Aria, a Eurasian Eagle owl and Jim MacDougal will be joining us as well.

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