Expand knowledge in a collaborative experience.

With growing encouragement of STEM and STEAM proficiency for teachers, CEED’s professional development workshops enable K-12 educators to increase their skills and reach certification goals through a hands-on, collaborative experience. The natural world is teaming with experiential learning opportunities for students. We show teachers how the environment around us can serve as an engaging and inspiring classroom.

Professional development themes include:

Ancient Technology
Wildlife of New York
Teaching Outdoors
Sustainability on Long Island: Water, Food and Energy for All

CEED Co-Founder and Program Director, Ranger Eric Powers, has been teaching professional development courses to high school teachers at Molloy College’s Teaching Green Institute for the past 9 years. Funded by the generosity of the National Grid Foundation, more than 275 middle and high school teachers have participated in one or more Teaching Green Institutes. Visit Molloy College’s website for more information on this valuable program.

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