Our Annual Spring Science Program that Brings Conservation Home!

The Northern Bobwhite Quail Project is an educational opportunity to teach community members about this important bird species in our local ecology, predator-prey relationships, animal life cycles, egg incubation, chick brooding, habitat restoration, and doing something good for the environment… through hands-on inquiry learning.

Free Orientation: Thursday, January 6 from 7-8 p.m. by Zoom. Click to Register.

Project Goals

• To teach about humans’ impact on our local ecosystems and what we can do to help.

• To give participants the chance to make a positive difference for the environment.

• To release Northern Bobwhite Quail in the hopes of bringing back these native birds

• To control tick populations via the Northern Bobwhite Quail, a natural NATIVE tick predator.

• To learn about the devastating impact of domestic cats and other predators on our ground-dwelling birds and other wildlife.

• To give people a deeper understanding about their environment, and how a healthy environment helps everyone.

Annual Project Timeline

“It adds so much to our classroom curriculum, and entices the students to learn about all aspects of the Quail, our environment, and our impact…good or bad…that we have on our environment.  No matter what, I’m IN again for next year!”

Robin Obey

2nd Grade Teacher


Apply for DEC License.

Schedule Bobwhite Quail Presentation (1-hour, hands-on).

Sign up for our CEED Quail Mail email list! 


Assemble supplies

Choose egg supplier

Print Bobwhite Quail Journal

Finalize your plans


Set-up Incubator or build one as a STEM Challenge and Brooder.

Order eggs for April delivery.


Recommended time for Quail vs. Ticks Project Presentation by Ranger Eric. Our presentation will detail the life cycle of Quail, their ecology, why we started this project in 2003, and how it can help our environment and community. Also, included with the presentation is My Bobwhite Quail Journal (free download), tick information, and free educator support. BEGIN EGG INCUBATION as per instructions in Quail Mail. 


Eggs will hatch in ~23 days. Set up Brooder to 105 degrees Fahrenheit. Transfer chicks to brooder once their feathers have fluffed. Call CEED to make arrangements to deliver your chicks (1-14 days old) to one of our outdoor flight cages in various locations.


We are busy raising the Quail and teaching them how to fly and forage for food. Check our CEED website calendar for details about a Quail Release near you, which is open to the general public.


Quail Release! Now go eat those ticks!