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How to set up a blog post

Setting it up

• Go to and add your login information.
• Go to Posts > Add New

Preparing The Layout

After adding the title of your post, click this button:

Select “Choose a Premade Layout” from the next pop-up menu:

..and then, choose this layout:

Page Settings

VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure your Divi page settings look like this:

Changing The View

After you load the layout, the page should look something like this:

This is called a “Wireframe View”, and the website will load this by default.
If you want to switch to a view that’s more intuitive and frontend-like, go to Desktop View on the top menu. See highlighted section of image.

The website will then show up in a way where it looks more like the post you will see on the frontend.

Adding Text

From here, you can easily change the text.

• Hover over the Latin “placeholder text”
• Double-click
• Delete, replace, and add text however you like.

This is where the body of the article will go,

Adding Categories

By default, the post will be uncategorized.

• Select the appropriate categories the post will go under. This can be found through the right-hand bar section on the right of the backend.
• You can choose more than one category

After adding the category, the post will show up not only under the blog section, but the specific section of the website its categorized under.

Adding Featured Image

You can set a featured image directly under the Categories section. It is HIGHLY RECCOMMENDED that the image has an aspect ratio of 16:9. Try to avoid uploading large files, especially over 1MB.

• Click on “Set Featured Image”

• Follow the prompts until you have successfully uploaded the image.
• Click “Upload an Image”

Adding The Excerpt

Always remember to add excerpts for each post… (15-30 words)
This window can be found if you scroll to the bottom of the backend.

• After this, you’re all set!
• Click Publish and see everything live on the site.