Actress Isabella Rossellini and Ecologist Carl Safina Talk Animals


There is no better way to kick off our scientist conversations than with a discussion between Carl Safina and Isabella Rossellini on animal behavior! Carl Safina, well known ecologist, and author of many books, including Becoming Wild: How Animal Cultures Raise Families, Create Beauty, and Achieve Peace, is always on a quest to learn more and share the knowledge he knows.

Isabella Rossellini, is not only an actress, director, and model, she is very well-versed in animal behavior and has written a book, My Chickens and I. Their conversation took us around the world discussing different animals and their behavior from a variety of different types of ecosystems. We even had the pleasure of having Dr. Patricia Wright from Centre ValBio in Madagascar join in to contribute with her knowledge of lemur behavior.

Her observation of watching a female lemur educate a newcomer male lemur to their group was quite fascinating. The stage was set beautifully by Giovanni Naso of Celadon Home in Bellport. 

For the last part of the experience, attendees had the opportunity to ask our expert panel questions, which brought us into even more interesting conversations. Although we followed all social distancing protocols, including minimal group size, screening everyone prior to entering, socially distance seating, and masks wearing, we did have the opportunity to interact and also purchase books personally signed by Carl Safina.

These events allow us to experience the simplicity yet complexity of life and nature. We hope you join us for our next event.  Once posted, please be sure to purchase your tickets early since the tickets for this event sold out quickly.

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