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Forest Bathing and Sound Healing Retreat

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Forest Bathing is a practice developed in Japan to alleviate tech-burnout. Called Shinrin-Yoku in Japanese, it was developed in the 1980’s as a way of embracing our natural world to improve human health.  In forest bathing, participants follow a structured method of using all five senses to experience nature.

Forest Therapy Guide Linda Lombardo will lead participants on a peaceful journey in nature, taking the time to feel the energy in the forest and connect the body with the natural energy.

Sound healing uses sound and vibrations to initiate relaxation and wellness.  Often, interchanged or used in conjunction with vibration therapy, sound therapy is an ancient method using natural vibrations either in proximity or on the body to initiate a mind and body healing process.

Sound Vibrational Practioner Erika Haberkorn uses sounds and vibrations to provide a meditational experience to refresh and renew the body and connect back with the natural vibrations in nature.

This power-packed combo will leave you refreshed and relaxed and ready to take on life’s challenges.

Join us on Sunday, December 11th at 2:00 p.m. for this incredible experience.

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