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Register for CEED Nature Adventure Summer Camp 

Robert Quail’s Giving Tuesday Saga

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Dear CEED Friend,

CEED has released hundreds and hundreds of northern bobwhite quail … so what’s my Giving Tuesday Saga and how did I, Robert Quail, end up living at CEED?

Well, what I remember is that I felt like I never really got used to being in the woods. All the other quail caught bugs and small critters, and since I had always been fed quail pellets, I just couldn’t get the hang of all that hunting. So when I saw a woman who looked kind, I walked up to her, expecting her to feed me.

After all, people had always fed me … why would she be different? Instead, she picked me up and took me to CEED. And I’ve been living at CEED ever since.

We’re pretty sure I wasn’t part of CEED’s Northern Bobwhite Quail Project, because Ranger Eric and the other CEED educators ask all participating schools and community organizations to return all quail to CEED at just two weeks old to keep them from imprinting on humans too much.

And I’m definitely imprinted on people.

Yup, people are the best. Especially Executive Director Sally Wellinger and Ranger Eric and all the people at CEED and all those who support CEED. Thanks to you, I get to have a nice home and be an Animal Ambassador for CEED. That means I will take part in some of the more than 100 school programs CEED does in more than 75 Long Island schools every year. Our innovative quail programs are very popular. Kids get to hatch bobwhite quail eggs and watch them develop. Once the chicks are two weeks old, they go back to CEED to be raised to young adulthood, and then they’re released all over Long Island to help restore quail populations.

It’s fun and conservation all rolled together. CEED programs are often like that!

That’s why I hope you’ll support all of CEED’s educational and discovery programs that connect people to nature, by making a Giving Tuesday gift right now. A CEED Board member has offered to match any gifts made to CEED (up to $2,500), so your gift will be doubled. Add a little extra if you can.

You’ll help provide a home for me and my new Animal Ambassador friends, and even more importantly, you’ll connect people to nature so they will care about the environment, and wild animals can thrive.

Thank you!

Robert the Quail

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