Thank You, Supporters and Volunteers!

Nature Center

The Board and Staff of CEED wish to thank all the many supporters and volunteers whose contributions made it possible to open Woodlands Hall of the Washington Lodge, with special recognition to the following:

Lisa Anderson for a leadership gift In Memory of Luise T “Pete” Anderson, Bellport Middle School science teacher and mentor to young naturalists, 1920-1990.

The Gocs Family, for generous support In Honor of Marie Gocs.

The Agler-Rice Family Foundation for generous support.

Priscilla Knapp for generous support. 

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation for generous support.

Tom Pelletier, for generous support In Memory of Jermaine Pelletier 

Curtis Jones, for generous support In Memory of Dorothy Hubert Jones

For exceptional volunteer work to complete renovations (in alphabetical order):

Jeanne and Mike Compitello
Linda Cortese
Patrice Dlhopolsky
Mike Kaiser
Barbara LaGois
Caleb Lane
Tulio Marcia
Tom Pelletier
Pam Wolf

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