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My Experience with CEED’s Birding Basics

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I had the pleasure of taking CEED’s Birding Basics course, Introduction to Identifying Birds with Kate Kleinpeter and Ranger Eric Powers and here’s what I learned!

Katie and Eric taught us how to identify birds, how to use and choose field guides, and where to birdwatch.

We learned to first take a good look at the birds’ characteristics such as the silhouette, posture, bill shape, and feet. We learned about field guides and even apps on your phone that help you identify the birds you see. We went over all the places you can go birdwatching, such as nature preserves, state parks and even your own backyard!

After that, we grabbed binoculars and went for a walk on the CEED grounds. Eric and Kate did some bird calls and we spotted a brown creeper and a Carolina wren!

I learned so much about Birding and had a great time, I will be looking out for all the birds and other classes like this!

Monisha Rosenfeld

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