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Register for CEED Nature Adventure Summer Camp 

Project Funders Needed

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In our continuing efforts to bring the Washington Lodge back to life as a community resource, we have three small, but critical, projects, and need just a little funding help to complete them.  If you can provide any part of this need, we will be extremely grateful.  Please contact Executive Director Sally Wellinger at  Thank you!

  1. Renovating Marine Hall as a second large room for public use.  The room needs ceiling repair, wall repair, floor cleaning and finishing, painting. Most of the work will be done by volunteers, but we need supplies, and some professional plaster work and electrical work.
  2. Installing a washer/dryer for CEED use and for use by our live-in caretaker, Ranger Eric Powers.  We have a suitable washer and dryer, and volunteer work to create a built-in space.  We need new electrical wiring as well as plumbing work to connect the appliances.
  3. Restoring a second bathroom for public use.  We need new sinks, toilet repair, and painting. Volunteers have already repaired the walls and floor, and will do all or most of the additional work.

CEED’s Buildings and Grounds Committee is always trying to do more for less by maximizing volunteer work and donations.  We believe we can complete all three of these important growth-related projects for just $2,500.  If you can help, please contact  Thanks!

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