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Register for CEED Nature Adventure Summer Camp 

Help Owls by Saving Dead Trees

Around the CEED property, you may spot several nesting boxes for owls. These owl boxes provide something owls desperately need – a place to lay their eggs. The boxes are necessary because instead of building their own nests, screech owls usually take over the nests of other birds that aren’t using them anymore. If there aren’t enough dead trees in a forest, birds have fewer natural places to build their nests, which makes it harder for owls to find places to lay their eggs.

Many people try to reduce the amount of living trees cut down, but don’t realize that dead trees are also highly important for a proper ecosystem. Many species rely on dead trees, including bees, the ichneumon wasp, bluebirds, screech owls, and wrens. Whether as a resting spot, a place to make their nests, or a place to interact with other organisms, dead trees fill a critical need for these species.

That’s why it’s important to recognize the importance of dead trees and think twice about getting rid of them. To help conserve trees, you can reduce the use of paper by recycling old paper and cardboard.  You can also help by only buying wood products that you know you will use.

The creation of many of the owl boxes around the property were created with tree conservation in mind.  Five of the owl boxes are made entirely from wood recovered from used shipping pallets. There are many companies that discard wood pallets, and they can sometimes be had just for asking. (Keep in mind that it is important to ask before you take!) The fact that these owl boxes are made from old pallets means that no new wood was manufactured to create them, which helps to save money and the environment!

Lucas Martin

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