Register for CEED Nature Adventure Summer Camp 

Register for CEED Nature Adventure Summer Camp 


Your connection to nature.

YC2N connects people to nature through mobile wildlife programs, outdoor activities, and hands-on wildlife workshops.

Our programs are lead by Ranger Eric Powers, a real biologist with tons of field experience, years of wildlife-handling, and decades of teaching outdoor and environmental education.

Immerse yourself in nature, embrace it, because we ultimately depend on nature for our food, water and shelter. We are teaching people how to take good care of the planet so that the planet can take good care of us.

Eric Powers, Founder

For as long as he can remember, Eric Powers loved playing with turtles, salamanders, snakes, and bugs.  Today, Powers heads and works full-time for Your Connection To Nature (YC2N), a Long Island-based company that he started in 2003 to help city dwellers appreciate and gain a deeper respect for nature. “My mission is to save the Earth by helping save plants and animals from extinction,” Powers boldly states.  “I do this through education, by showing people animals and taking them into nature.”

As a child in Greeley, Colorado, Powers was only allowed to keep bugs and reptiles as pets if they did not cost his parents money to maintain them.  That is when he began interacting with nature in a strong, fun, educational manner.  He remembers having to care for his first pets, saying “it not only made me more responsible but made me learn about the ecology of the animals without even realizing it.  I had to learn exactly what it ate and go out and catch it.”

Off The Trail with Ranger Eric Powers

A new nature series hosted by RANGER Eric POWERS, only on NHTV! Channel 1863 on Cablevision • 46 on Verizon

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